UNE finally launches smart TV app

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21-11-2013

A few months later than expected, Colombia's UNE has finally launched its smart TV app, establishing the TV platform in the multi-device environment.

UNE TV was first launched for online consumption and later offered on smartphones. The smart TV app, designed by Furore, was due to be launched in July, but the release was postponed until this week.

By launching the app, the Colombian platform reinforces its TV everywhere position, bringing UNE channel, music channels, news programming and regional channels to a multi-screen audience. Up to 22 different channels - with more being launched in the coming months - will be now available for smart TVs, initially on Samsung and LG models. Channels including Tele Antioquía and Tele Medellín, which not so long ago were absent from DTT, will now be available on smart TVs.

"Our objective is to be a premium application that is pre-loaded onto each TV; that is why the verification standards are higher," explained Gabriel Porras, project manager of Furore, when the project was initially presented. These standards are what caused the delay in the app's release.

Currently, both Samsung and LG have around the 75% of Colombia's smart TV market, which is still growing. Some predict that the number of smart TVs will keep increasing until least 2015.