CRP Medios y Entretenimiento upgrades satellite bandwidth with IDC

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 22-11-2013

CRP Medios y Entretenimiento is planning to upgrade its network across Peru using STAR Pro Audio Receivers from International Datacasting Corp (IDC).

IDC said that its STAR system will save up to 60% in satellite bandwidth costs when it replaces the existing ABR professional audio system, which is still being used to deliver content to tens of thousands of transmitter sites across the world.

CRP offers a wide variety of targeted music stations throughout the Latin American market, as well as the ability to advertise locally in major cities. It plans to deploy IDC's STAR in a multi-phase approach that will work in tandem with the ABR platform until all systems are in place, allowing for a seamless transition.

"Yet again, IDC brings an exciting new solution to our family of stations that not only translates to savings for CRP, but also enables growth," said Manual Soto, COO for CRP. "As a result of our experience with IDC, we know the technology and the quality of the equipment will give us outstanding performance."

He added: "With IDC, we appreciate knowing that we will always have the best technology and service available for many years to come."