DigiWorld 2013 emphasises importance of 4G, 5G and cloud for telcos

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 22-11-2013

At the close of the DigiWorld Summit 2013 yesterday (21 November), telcos were urged to deploy fibre technology, 4G and 5G as effectively as possible.

With the theme The Digital Goldmines, the Idate-organised summit in Montpellier stated that the telecommunications industry is at a crossroads, and has to push on by reinventing its 'footprint' and business models.

"Some players are seeing their revenues erode and wondering where the value is," said Idate CEO Yves Gassot. "Others are questioning the digital ecosystem's real contribution to growth. Yet the multifarious innovations surrounding the Internet and digital technologies are unearthing rich new veins ripe for mining."

In his speech, Dor Skuler, vice president and general manager of the CloudBand business unit at Alcatel-Lucent, also added that telecoms firms must embrace the cloud and learn from their OTT rivals. "We have given our lunch to the OTTs," he said, adding that the telecoms industry must rejuvenate and update "1990s' solutions".

Dor Skuler urge telcos to "embrace the cloud as the best way to get back on track, since it can be highly scalable, fully automated, open source and inexpensive".