PRISMCUBE is truly the worlds first set top box that integrates both a DVB-S2 Twin PVR and a Media player seamlessly, using XBMC.

PRISMCUBE is a DVB-S2 twin-tuner set top box with a very compact and slim design.
With the solid and cutting-edge technology that MARUSYS has mastered over the years, with embedded Linux systems.
It is designed to be a highly advanced HD Twin PVR. PRISMCUBE is a media player based on XBMC which is free and open source.
XBMC is generally used as a media center or entertainment hub for digital media,
and is supported by various groups of independent volunteers from all over the world.
PRISMCUBE provides the rich entertainment choices and the tremendous experience watching TV moments are more joyful with this versatile platform.

And we have tested for you this state-of-art set top box.

01 Box.jpg

02 Package.jpg

What we have tested for you is one of the first production units, in its full retail packaging.
A very eye catching box decorated with a description of the main features of the receiver.
Inside the box we find the PrismCube Ruby. A small cardboard box to the right, contains the HDMI cable, double face QWERTY remote control
with batteries installed, the external power supply unit and power cable.

A possibility to Easy-Mount internal hard drive is the first big news for this little masterpiece.
The PrismCube Ruby is able to accommodate a 2.5" SATA hard drive (the ones that are used in most common notebook/laptop computers),
if you wanted some extra response you could fit a 2.5" SSD drive if you wish.
No SATA and power cable are required to use the hard drive. It just fits in the slot under the box and uses the Easy Mounting System.

Tested box H/W Specifications
System CPU PNX8496-1250DMIPS
NAND Flash 4Gb
DRAM 4Gb * 8bit
HDD 2.5" HDD Supported - Easy Mounting System
Front End Tuner Type DVB-S2
2 Tuners
Dual Tuner Support
Built-in Wi-Fi system 802.11n 150 Mbit/s
3D Graphics OpenGL ES2.0
Front Panel Common Interface
Smartcard Reader
12 Digit VFD Display
1 Rear USB
Ethernet LAN 100 Mbit/s
Remote Control with QWERTY keyboard
Power Adaptor 12V dc 3.5A

S/W Specifications
USB Firmware Upgrade
Max. Channels over 10000EA
Channel List
OSD Language Support as in XBMC
Various XBMC Add-Ons supported
3D Graphics
HDD File System FAT32, Linux ext, NTFS(read only)
Flash File System JFFS2 or YAFS2
Media Type MKV, AVI, MP3, MP4
Automatic Fan Speed Control
DVB Subtitile