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    Reader priority

    I have installed oscam build r8224 on a Linux server (64 bit). It works as cccam server only . The server has two readers , one local and one remote . On my first satbox I also installed oscam, but this works as a client cccam only.
    In addition, I have a second type satbox Ariva 200, which has a dedicated software (not Linux), with its own implementation of cccam ver 2.1.4. This client allows you to define up to four readers. There is no possibility of setting priorities readers or implement something like cccam.prio or c:line order. The client uses the same oscam server on linux machine.
    I would like the card connected locally to the server, always have higher priority than the remote reader. In case of satbox with installed oscam (as cccam client), no problems. Just dvbapi needs to be configure.
    However, the second satbox (Ariva), using the same server oscam, in most cases, a remote reader is use as a first. And only when the remote reader will not find permission to a specific channel , Ariva use the local reader .
    LoadBalancer tried to use, but its effect is generally dependent on the response time of the reader. And in my case, these times are almost identical. The difference is from 1 to 5 ms , and this sometimes faster response is from the remote reader and sometimes local.
    So how can I configure the server oscam, so that gave the Ariva appropriate permissions from the local card as a first source? And just as these entitlements will not be found there, will use a remote reader.
    Any idea how to resolve such problem?

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    Re: Reader priority

    Ariva use closed-source Linux, you can not use prio. On Ariva run not original ccam. You must be solved on the server.
    In the CAID field you enter, what you pass through. In the CAID (user to Ariva) not write the remote caid!

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