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Thread: Help Please. Need step by step

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    Help Please. Need step by step

    Hi, although I have a viewsat extreme (working great) I want to set up a media center computer with a dvb pci card. I have a Twinhan 1027 set up using mytheater 3.27 as the mce interface. Everything seems to be working, however, I cannot figure out how to "test" the channels other than the obvious free ones. Does anyone have a step by step guide on how to do this and what files to use?

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    Re: Help Please. Need step by step

    Hello..I'm assuming you're talking about the North American birds since you said you have a viewsat Xtreme. First you need to create a folder called "plugins" in your MyTheatre directory. Next download vPlug 1.4.2 full installer from here: Extract the rar or zip in temp directory. Click exe and point the install to your newly created "plugins" folder in MT. (P.S. make sure your MyTheatre isn't running when you do any of this!) Restart MT and should be good to go. Not sure if still auto-rolling since Map57 seems to be making a comeback. Hope this helps..if not read the vPlug thread a little.

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