Vokl TV app lets viewers unlock real rewards for second-screen activity

Michelle Clancy | 25-11-2013

Digital agency Play Action has launched its first mobile application, Vokl TV, in the Apple App Store, with future plans for an Android launch.

The app allows viewers to follow their favourite shows and engage with other fans by liking or disliking anything from show characters, story plots and events then sharing thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. Fans also earn real rewards for using Vokl TV.

In terms of rewards, the more viewers engage, the more rewards are earned, from such brands as Walt Disney Pictures, Zappos, Best Buy, Pepsi, Amazon and Sephora. Rewards include free product samples, gift cards and mp3 downloads.

"We are so excited to finally launch the Vokl public beta," said Rich Santos, founder of Play Action. "No other social TV app allows fans to express themselves then experience audience reaction in real time. Watching reality shows, sports and politics is a whole new experience with Vokl."