Belgian Bhaalu to launch cloud PVR

November 25, 2013 11.37 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Bhaalu womanHasselt-based technology firm Right Brain is launching Bhaalu, a cloud PVR service, in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The company is offering a network-PVR that will record all programmes the viewers subscribes to. People can access the service via a dedicated Bhaalu set-top box, a Bhaalu smart stick or via a mobile app (for tablets and phones).

In Belgium, customers of Telenet, Belgacom TV or TV Vlaanderen as well as watchers of free-to-air DTT channels can subscribe to the service. They will receive the PVR functions for the channels they subscribe to. In The Netherlands, Bhaalu is offered to subscribers of UPC, Ziggo, KPN, Canal Digitaal and free-to-air DTT.

By buying the mobile app (EUR49), the USB stick (EUR125) or the dedicated STB (EUR365) people are joining the Bhaalu society, which gives them access to all programmes up to seven days in the past (mobile), 28 days or even 90 days back. A monthly subscription fee of EUR5 is also due.

The company said its service has been tested during the past few months by two thousand users in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the US and Singapore.

Bhaalu claims its cloud-based PVR service is 100% leagl, but Belgian broadcasters VRT and VTM have already said they are ready to take legal action as there are no contracts in place for such a service.

Bhaalu works independently of, and has no connection to the cable, IPTV, satellite DTH and DTT networks.