I wonder if you can please help with the following questions, about upgrading from a Dragon CAM to the latest T-Rex Supermodule (I think that this version is 4.6):-

Which software tools (eg. DragonCrypt, SHAID CA / BISS / DCW Editors, ) which are normally designed for the Dragon CAM, but are compatible with the latest T-Rex Supermodule 4.6 CAM?

What features and functionaility / channels does the T-Rex Supermodule 4.6 CAM provide extra over and beyond the Dragon CAM?

I believe you can use the same programmers (eg. CAS 2 plus addon, Infinity USB-Serial or CAS-3, firmware updates / checkers). Some sponsor websites advertise a special bundle of the latest T-Rex Supermodule 4.6 CAM, Dragon loader card and programmer (looks like an Infinity programmer). What's everone's opinion on this bundle?

Are updates for the T-Rex Supermodule 4.6 CAM frequently available and not likely to "dry up" in the near future?

Are there any later versions of the T-Rex Supermodule 4.6 CAM scheduled for release in the near future?

Will both the Dragon and T-Rex Supermodule 4.6 CAM co-exist in either of the slots for an Echostar DVR 7000VA satellite receiver?

Many thanks in advance, for all your help.

With kind regards.