India's RailTel partners cable companies for Internet delivery

Rebecca Hawkes | 26-11-2013

RailTel Corporation of India is taking high speed Internet to rural homes in the state of Tamil Nadu by linking its fibre optic network with last mile cable TV connections, reports The Hindu.

Revenue sharing partnerships have already been entered into to allow 20 multi-system operators (MSOs) and 133 local cable operators (LCOs) to draw from RailTel's 400 points of presence (PoP) along its 2,500km-long fibre optic cable in the state, according to the newspaper.

A memorandum of understanding between RailTel and Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable Corporation is also reportedly being established to enable Internet connection for households in the state's rural regions.

RailTel has 2,500 Internet subscribers through its brand RailWire spread between 16 of the 32 districts in Tamil Nadu, and hopes to expand this to 25,000 by the end of the financial year, S Selvadurai, general manager, RailTel told The Hindu.

Expansion in other southern states, including Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, is reportedly also on the cards for the telecommunications division of India's railways.