The Economist to implement inRead online video ad units

Parent Category: News | 26-11-2013

The Economist is the first publisher to introduce French technology company's inRead online video unit in the US. The technology is a complement to pre-roll ads.

As the reader scrolls down any text-based article, the video ad appears between paragraphs, stopping if the reader cannot see it and resuming when it comes into view. When the ad is finished, the column closes up, mending any rift between paragraphs.

"By deconstructing the pre-roll and freeing video advertising from its constraints, The Economist, its advertisers and its prized readership continue to blaze the trail globally," said John Osborn,'s North American business development head.

"This is a positive addition for our advertisers and readers," said Nick Blunden, senior vice president and global head of digital and content strategy for The Economist. "Advertisers receive incremental video exposure with transparent, guaranteed viewability all placed right in the heart of The Economist's strength our editorial content. Readers experience non-interruptive video advertising and benefit by allowing The Economist to continue to invest in delivering the highest quality editorial product. New formats like inRead are vital to our goal to produce must-read content for thought leaders and business decision makers around the world."