Time Warner Cable adds Showtime to TV everywhere

Michelle Clancy | 27-11-2013

Time Warner Cable is adding Showtime to its TV everywhere bouquet.

TWC customers who subscribe to the premium cable network will now have free, unlimited access to a selection of original series, box-office blockbusters, sports documentaries, comedy specials and other programming.

As the MSO put it: "Holed up in some no-cable motel missing out on Homeland? On vacation during the season finale of Californication? Then break out your tablet, phone or laptop and get up to speed with Showtime Networks' on-the-go digital service, Showtime Anytime."

Showtime Anytime offers the latest episodes of favourite programmes on-demand, along with unfettered, streaming access to the live broadcast on both the East and West Coast of the US.

"All this on any of your enabled gadgets and gizmos computers, iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, as well as Android phones and tables for no additional cost," TWC said.