WOWOW enters US PBS co-production deal with WNET

Editor | 27-11-2013

As part of its ambition to boost original production activity and international co-production partnerships, WOWOW is teaming with New York broadcaster WNET.

The first fruits of the collaboration between the leading Japanese premium pay-TV broadcaster and PBS firm will be a new crowdsourced TV documentary entitled Sacred which aims to take viewers on a spiritual journey around the globe. WOWOW and WNET say they intend to make the documentary "the most inclusive and comprehensive movie ever made about humankind's search for the divine."

The two firms say they opted for a crowdsourced film because they want it to be personal, up-close and from the audiences' point of view which they say gives "a truer encapsulation of what is sacred and something traditional filmmaking could not capture".

WOWOW will serve as co-producer of the documentary and oversee shooting in Japan and Asia. Executive producers of the documentary are the president emeritus of WNET, William Baker, WNET vice president, Stephen Segaller, and Academy Award nominee for short documentary, Julie Anderson.

WOWOW and WNET are inviting anyone to upload footage up until June 2014 at