DNA harmonises Finnish DTT offer

November 27, 2013 08.58 Europe/London By Julian Clover

PlusTV1Customers to the former PlusTV platform can finally watch the HD channels within the DNA terrestrial platform. The operator has upgraded the PlusTV smart cards to make these and other channels available.

DNA purchased PlusTV from the Swedish Teracom in September, following approval from the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

“Until now, terrestrial-network households have not been able to watch PlusTV and DNA pay TV channels using the same receiver. We are happy to be able to open an unprecedented channel selection to terrestrial-network homes. This is particularly good news to PlusTV customers, who have been waiting a long time for high-definition offering. And DNA’s terrestrial network subscribers will have a number of new channels, too,” says Mikko Saarentaus, Director of Television Business at DNA.

The contents of PlusTV’s and DNA Welho’s most popular channel packages have also been merged. As of Wednesday the revamped packages will include channels received via both DNA’s VHF network and the UHF network of Digita.

DNA’s VHF network was completed last year and already covers approximately 85% of Finnish homes. All channels in the updated packages, high definition offering included, can be viewed in the network’s coverage area, as long as the building is equipped with a VHF antenna tuned to DNA’s terrestrial-network transmitter and the household receiver is equipped with a T2 tuner.