Filmin launches children's packages

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-11-2013

The Spanish video-on-demand (VOD) platform Filmin has announced a new film and series packages aimed at children.

According to the company, a service like this has been in great demand from viewers, so now over 150 pieces of content have been added to the VOD catalogue.

The new platform, KIDS, will categorise the films by age and genre. Filmin has selected a wide portfolio of recently aired movies for children aged around three, five, eight and 12.

For the youngest viewers, Filmin offers a 20-film selection including Sammy's Adventures, Animals United and Copito de Nieve. For the next age group the VOD platform has added some classic series such as Garfield and Astérix, along with Kiriku and Miyazaki. In addition, Charlie Chaplin's The Kid and Moon Madness are also part of the new catalogue.

For the two oldest age groups, Filmin has a selection of around 100 titles, with new productions and classic movies targeted at kids. Fairy Tail, Astroboy and The Twilight Saga, along with Mazinger Z, The Ninja Turtles and Metrópolis are part of the offer.