MultiChoice adds new DStv Explora features

November 28, 2013 10.19 Europe/London By Robert Briel

DStv Explora screenFollowing the launch of the DStv Explora in August 2013, MultiChoice is now adding new features.

A new version of software will be made available this week and all DStv Exploras will automatically upgrade.

The key new feature is episode stacking, where individual episodes of the same series in Catchup are automatically grouped in one folder.

Some of the other new features DStv Explora customers will enjoy, include: a new “Kids” category and sub-genres for Movies, Sport and Series categories in DStv Catchup.

Five colour-coded channel groups. This allows every member of the family to set up a group of favourite channels.

Playlist: The episode number is now displayed in addition to the season number.

TV guide: Viewers can use number keys to directly jump to a channel in the TV Guide – less scrolling.

At the launch of the DStv Explora, MultiChoice stated that the platform was designed to be built upon, that innovation and user experience advancements would be made continuously.