AdSmart to grow advertising ecosystem

November 28, 2013 11.32 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Sky Terabyte boxSky AdSmart promises to grow significantly the TV advertising ecosystem and will put pressure on regional press and direct mail, according to Enders Analysis.

The service has been running in beta since August and has been running trials with some 50 advertisers. After several years in the planning, Ad Smart is now on course to be offered to all advertisers in January/February 2014.

Enders says the success of the platform, which will download targeted advertising that is then played out from the Sky+ box, will be dependent on Sky’s ability to handle various challenges.

The Sky+ HD receiver is effectively being turned into a media server with segmentation being offered according to specified attributes and geographically.

16 standard TV regions and 15 large metropolitan areas are available, 13 household types based on their financial needs, behavioural influences and preferences are also available and there is segmentation according to life stage and age of children.