Pay-TV consumption grows over 50% among Mexican housewives

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-11-2013

Mexico's pay-TV consumption has risen over 50% among housewives, reaching an average share of 5.6% between January and October, and topping the country's audience figures, says the latest report from LAMAC.

Using Ibope Media data, LAMAC reveals the increasing use of pay-TV among housewives, especially among the younger segment, between 18 and 45-years-old. "We keep observing a growing tendency in pay-TV ratings, proving that the audience habits in Mexico are drastically changing and Mexicans are abandoning the traditional consumption routines," explained Federico Baumgartner, LAMAC's country manager in Mexico.

According to the advertising council, while pay-TV consumption has been growing, the traditional channels are dropping viewers. One of Mexico's largest free-to-air channels, TV Azteca, has seen a 43% audience decrease since January. According to LAMAC, this shows how fast habits are changing, especially looking at housewives between 18-35 who have increased their pay-TV consumption by 90%.

The research also shows that the growth has been even greater among LAMAC's channels, whose audience has risen by up to 117% in some cases. "The housewife target is very important for those companies which want to commercialise a mass product, which is why advertisers should look carefully at this figures," added Baumgartner.