MIS Películas TV aims to conquer US Hispanic market

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 30-11-2013

Spanish film channel MIS Películas TV intends to jump into the US Hispanic market, after two months broadcasting through LibertyPR in Puerto Rico.

The channel has started a marketing campaign in Florida, aimed at catching the Hispanic audience and TV platforms' interest. It sponsored the Spanish movie festival Recent Cinema from Spain, held last weekend in Miami, where the channel was also formally presented in front of the festival audience.
“It's the most ambitious project we have ever worked on”, explained Enrique Cerezo, the channel's president. “After over two years preparing everything, the signal has become real and lands in a very competitive market presenting a clear added value: being the only channel with 100% Spanish films”.

MIS Películas TV is a project of Spanish distribution company Videomercury Films, which has one of the largest portfolios of Spanish films from all genres and periods.