I am having the same problem. I've applied a patch for H/W 13.41.AD however it carries a different S/W version (S/W 13.05.3) while my receiver is S/W 13.05.04. When I applied the BIN file (KSC-570H_HW13.41.AD_SW13.05.03_20040823conv) the reciever failed and the pictures hardly appears on the TV.

Can some please post a step-by-step process on how to upgrade and be able to use softcam keys for encrypted channels or point us to any web guide; I have searched the net and I can only find partial information.

My Receiver is Kaon 570UP (570H with 80 GB Drive)
H/W 13.41.AD
S/W 13.05.04
PVR 1.9.1
It says on the receiver (PVR Upgradable - I don't know what that means as they mention noting about it in the catalog or anywhere else for that matter.)

Thanks in advance for you help.