Piracy loses Spain's pay-TV industry half a million football content customers

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-12-2013

Spain's pay-TV sector is losing around 500,000 customers due to the piracy of football channels, according to Javier Tebas, president of the country's professional football association LFP.

Tebas says that the websites which broadcast football matches via P2P links without owning the streaming rights prejudice football clubs and cable platforms.
LFP is working with Iproded, a public organisation to protect digital rights, to develop a tool to control football broadcasting over the Internet. Tebas unveiled these plans during a meeting held by the sports newspaper AS.
The LFP project aims to close the pirate streaming signals immediately on detection and report them to the site holding the link, using the recent anti-piracy law, by which some P2P websites have already been closed down.
Tebas compared the Spanish league to the English football league, which receives a large income through selling pay-TV rights. He also wants to stop the broadcast of free-to-air matches in favour of having themed football channels, like the current Canal+Liga and Gol Television.
LFP's pressure on institutions has already led to some successes against piracy. According to Ricardo Gómez, Iproded's president, hundreds of pirate channels are being closed every day.