Ukrainian riot police attacks Euronews cameraman

December 2, 2013 16.34 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Euronews in KyivWATCH VIDEO. Euronews condemns attack on its journalists by security forces in Kyiv.

On Sunday, December 1, Euronews cameraman Roman Kupriyanov, who was working with Euronews’ journalist Angelina Kariakina, was violently attacked by the police while he was covering protests in Kyiv for the international news channel.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms this cowardly act of violence against the cameraman Roman Kupriyanov. I would like to express my outrage at a deliberate attack by the Ukrainian police against a media outlet and its crew, while reporting on the protests in Kyiv,” said Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews.

“I consider this violation as a direct attack on our freedom to do our job in full legitimacy and safety, which is totally unacceptable. Therefore, we are calling upon the Ukrainian authorities to take all the necessary measures to guarantee the security of the media in the country.

“I have expressed my concern about the situation of our team in Kyiv and, today, through our representatives on the ground, I ask the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior to clarify the circumstances of this act of aggression.

“The images that we were able to recover on site testify to the violence with which the Ukrainian police knowingly attacked our cameraman, Roman Kupriyanov. He was hit several times on his head and his hands. He was transferred to hospital to be treated for his injuries.

“I would like to offer my full support to my colleagues in Kyiv, and I am thinking especially about Roman as well as our reporter, Angelina Kariakina, who has already resumed reporting in the field,” he added.

(WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) This video, filmed by the Euronews crew during mass protests in Kiev, shows the cameraman beaten by Ukrainian riot police. The attack happened when the crew were filming the clashes around the building of the presidential administration. Euronews cameraman Roman Kupriyanov has been injured and taken to hospital, his camera has been damaged. (Video courtesy and copyright by Euronews)