TV everywhere drives monetisation inflection point

Joseph O'Halloran | 04-12-2013

More content on more screens in more places has led to a watershed in online video, with nearly one video ad view for every video view, according to the latest round-up of the market by FreeWheel.

The advertising platform provider’s Video Monetization Report for Q3 2013 found fundamentally that even though screens and devices have evolved in “amazing fashion” over the last decade, consumers are still in love with the experience of great television.
The research saw evidence of a continued consumer driven shift from linear TV viewing to anytime, anywhere, any device viewing demonstrated by a rapid growth in viewing on tablets and over-the-top (OTT) and mobile devices.
In Q3 2013 FreeWheel found that authenticated viewing gained significant traction, growing to just over 14% of all long-form ad views, driven by the multitude of TV everywhere applications now available. Moreover, there was a 56% year-over-year growth in long-form ad viewing along with the trend towards increasing ad loads.
This, says FreeWheel, demonstrates the strength of TV as a medium and that TV everywhere on multiple screens is becoming a reality.
But it is the business aspect that will inevitably attract more attention, with the research arguing that monetisation is finally catching up with viewing behaviour with the continued movement of long-form titles into IP environments. Another key driver is the increase in long-form ad loads with minimal viewer impact.
Free Wheel calculated that long-form ad loads were up 29% year-on-year, and completion rates still at 91%. It added that digital pure-play publishers were utilising pre-rolls on a larger percentage of short-form content, up to 45% from 35% in Q2 2012.
As an indication of the huge shift a dramatic shift of viewing to multiple devices, the research found ad views up 230% on mobile and 365% on tablets. Basically the share of total ad views coming from mobile, tablet and OTT devices ad views has tripled over the past year.