ESPN Argentina centres 2014 programming on the World Cup

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04-12-2013

Argentina's ESPN has presented its 2014 programming schedule for all its platforms, in which Brazil's World Cup will get extensive coverage. The sports network will gather every programme related to the championship under the concept ESPN FC.

In an upfront with the country's main advertising companies, ESPN promised more focus on multiscreen TV in order to adapt the channels to new consumer habits and the increasing use of mobile platforms among Argentinians.
2014 is also the 25th anniversary of ESPN in Argentina and the rest of South America. "It's a very special year, but our goal is still the same as 25 years ago: entertain through sports and bring more varied programming," said Guillermo Tabanera, senior VP of ESPN Latin America. "This year we intend to produce over 50,000 hours of audiovisual content."
In addition to ESPN FC and the World Cup coverage, ESPN presented #Redes, a new format which broadcasts sports with a high level of interaction with social networks. Moreover, a large selection of international tournaments and leagues will also form 2014's programming.
ESPN will air the Champions League and the national football leagues of Spain, Italy, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Brazil. The whole of the tennis Grand Slam and the Masters 1000 ATP will be also shown, together with the Rugby Championship, NBA, X-Games, MotoGP, baseball and golf, among other sports.