Spain looks for new TV talent

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04-12-2013

Spain's Academia de las Ciencias y las Artes de Television is to work together with TV channels to support the country's new talent and creators. Manuel Campo Vidal, the academy's president, has called for new TV space for audiovisual projects.

According to news agency Servimedia and newspaper La Información, the first meeting of this new project has already taken place. Paco Moreno, one of the academy's executives, presided over the meeting, in which Jorge Ortiz (Canal+), Alberto Rull (Telemadrid), Jordi Calleja and David Nadal (IB3 Televisió) and Natalia Martínez (Aragón Televisión) also participated.
"All the assistants expressed their availability to somehow give opportunities to new audiovisual creators," explained Moreno. Although there is no concrete plan as yet, another meeting has been scheduled with other channels.
So far only Atresmedia has decided to start a project to give voice to young talent by launching a competition for audiovisual creators. The winning content will be broadcast on one of Atresmedia's DTT channels.