IAB Australia launches Mobile Audience Panel Measurement Pilot

Louise Duffy | 04-12-2013

IAB Australia has joined forces with seven publishers to invest in and launch a Mobile Audience Panel Measurement Pilot.

The Pilot, which has been jointly funded and will be delivered by Nielsen, will publish its first top line market data in Q2 2014.

The Pilot Panel programme will address the short to medium term requirements of the online industry, delivering both site and application mobile usage data at a brand level to advertisers.

The Panel will be constructed by Nielsen to include a representative sample of Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users tracked using their Electronic Mobile Meter. Device data for tagged sites is already available from Nielsen’s Market Intelligence product.

“Mobile is an important sector and this panel is an important advancement in mobile audience measurement which is currently lacking in the industry. We see this as a first step on the path towards the development of a mobile measurement currency and we are pleased to be working with Nielsen,” said Alice Manners, CEO of IAB Australia. 

Sophie Madden, CEO of MFA, added: “The MFA supports this IAB initiative and investment as it moves the market closer to establishing audience levels and profiles on this important and growing advertising channel.”

“We are delighted to be investing in this service with the industry” said Monique Perry, head of Nielsen’s Media Group. “The way the industry has come together to run such a robust and forward thinking project is full credit to the foresight of the IAB. We are proud to be recognised as not only being right-on-brief but bringing the kinds of leadership behaviours that a dynamic industry demands. I firmly believe that this partnership, in one of the world’s most advanced media markets, is producing global best in class deliverables – and that’s great for publishers but it’s also great for advertisers.”

Mobile advertising is experiencing significant growth in the Australian market and according to the recently released PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report for Q3 2013, now represents 11% of the total online advertising market with an expenditure of AUD$110.7m. Of this, 58.4% was search and 41.6% was general display and device category shares were relatively equal with smartphones at 51.4% and tablets at 48.6%.