Hispasat: 4K revolution expected by 2016
By Thomas Campbell December 4th, 2013

At the Digital TV World Summit, London

At an engrossing Case Study Showcase Session at today’s Digital TV World Summit (“Achieving optimum 4K broadcasting through successful collaboration”), with representatives from Abertis Telecom, Dolby, LG Electronics and RTVE, chair Ester Fernandeaz Montoria, Marketing and Sales Planning Manager, HIPSPASAT, put a tentative timeline on one of the biggest questions in the industry: namely, when will we see a 4K revolution?

“Next year will see the first products in the market,” she opined (having conceded, of course, that this is “It is difficult for us to see how long it will take for 4K to be established in the market”), “… 2015 the first consumer products… and in 2016 we will be able to see the 4K explosion.”

In time, in other words, for the Rio Olympics.

“4K technology will have a similar penetration as HD does today,” she continued, stressing that, “it is hard to imagine it having a minimal impact like 3D.” A conviction widely shared among the delegate and speakers on an afternoon in which 4K was, so to speak, very much the focus of the programme.