Overall set sales down year-on-year but 4KTV begins to show

Editor | 05-12-2013

2013 will not have been a great year for the TV manufacturing industry but it will, as indicated by new research, have marked the onset of 4KTV.

According to the global LCD TV brands' shipment and the downstream quarterly report by Witsview, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the Q3 global LCD TV shipment reached 50.6 million units, rising 9.9% quarter-on-quarter and 5.1% year-on-year. However beneath these figures is a revelation that global shipments for the entire year are down 1.7% for the first time to a volume 203.1 million units.

This last fact also includes a penetration rate of 1% for 4K2K LCD TV, the equivalent of the shipment of 2.1 million units with the 2014 global 4K2K LCD TV brands' penetration rate set to reach 8.1% with a shipment of 16-18 million units.

In view of regional brands, Chinese brands will account for 51% with a shipment eight to nine million units, Korean brands will hold a shipment of 3.5 to four million units, accounting for 21.4%, with their own panel-makers' support, and Japanese brands have a 16.1% market share with a shipment of 2.6 to three million units thanks to the support of hardware and software integration.

Yet the data also shows, says Witsview, that despite panel-makers being eager to sell 4K2K LCD TVs, due to hardware, firmware, contents, panel production costs, and end selling prices, brands' promotion momentum of 4K2K LCD TVs is limited. It adds that brands' deployment of 4K2K in 2014 is another bright spot after LED and 3D but warns that the 2014 market cannot avoid the panel oversupply impacts, and that even high-end 4K2K products cannot escape the price-cutting competition.