Singapore, Hong Kong agencies see clear value in pay-TV

Editor | 05-12-2013

Media agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong regularly consider international pay-TV channels in the media mix for regional/multi-market campaigns according to a survey by CASBAA, the region's Association for digital multichannel TV, content, platforms, advertising and video delivery.

CASBAA commissioned GfK Retail and Technology to conduct the first-of-its-kind study of respondents from Singapore and HK media agencies, aiming to discover their attitudes towards international pay-TV and cable channels. The scope encompassed reach, composition, engagement, proportion of budget and research used, to find out what members of the pay-TV industry need to do more of to be selected in the media mix.

The survey found that media agencies have a wide range of criteria when planning or buying TV overall, with mass reach being the top reason (73%). Targeted reach/ audience profile was seen as being important for planning and buying international pay-TV/cable channels (86%), followed by audience quality (84%). Pay-TV providers were also expected to perform across a wide range of factors including cost efficiency, flexibility, post-campaign evaluations, unique content and integrated solutions.

Crucially the agencies regarded pay-TV as being as easy to book as free-to-air TV (FTA), with three-fifths indicating that it was easy to do so. Yet differences emerged in terms of quality. In the FTA arena, sales team responsiveness/product knowledge was only mentioned by 19% as a reason for selecting TV overall; whilst for planning and buying international pay-TV/cable channels, 37% said this was important or very important.

"We are encouraged to see that 67% of planners, buyers and senior management often consider pay TV when planning their media campaigns," said Christopher Slaughter, CEO, CASBAA. "Over eight in ten respondents subscribe to a pay-TV/ cable service at home, so they well appreciate what our media can offer especially how multichannel TV is able to offer custom solutions for today's media ecosystem."

"It takes a highly skilled pay-TV sales team to tailor integrated solutions and content to meet the needs of media agencies," said Steve Garton, GfK's head of media, North Asia.