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Thread: Map57 Calls Again-BellExpressVu&Dish Network

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    Map57 Calls Again-BellExpressVu&Dish Network

    words of wisdom from thedssguy:

    Providers strike back..
    Well folks, it looks like Bev is using MAP57 calls again for Porn, and Dishnet maybe testing it again on 61.5 and 148 on the foreign programming. If you have an aux card and wish to view these channels, now is the time to pull it out & dust it off (use at your own risk). Reports of Xtremeview and Coolsat working again using the aux card solution. Sonicview and Viewsat appear to be unaffected.. Some of the cardless emu's aren't emulating the card as well as others and MAP calls may not be included, thus channels are going down. If your setup is going down, please report it here. This is for BEV porn or Dishnet 61.5 foreign programming only so far..

    Please report any pertinent info here..

    Here's the packet already decrypted:

    8F 30 47 07 45 09 01 86 00 08
    0F B8 5E 12 3F 07 EA 01 09 01 15 78 79 84 00 90
    15 82 77 89 30 0B 02 8B 80 00 FF 00 15 78 77 89
    1E 10 09 60 D4 C7 0E 7B 2D D6 F0 12 11 09 60 0C
    89 A3 70 2D 35 DA 5B 00 43 9E 99 AA 8F 1F E7 6F

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    Re: Map57 Calls Again-BellExpressVu&Dish Network

    I'ts te first time i heard about map57. I figure it's a new type of encyption instead of nagra? I own a "fotec lifetime n/a" and it's down, out of use since a couple of days.

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    Re: Map57 Calls Again-BellExpressVu&Dish Network

    There are 2 new bins out for the fortec but it appears that both have bugs...rebooting after awhile and lose of 20 minutes off the clock. I will not post these untill all issues are fixed. I'd stay away from these bins:
    X-85BL_070118_288T_db_api(N) safe for flu and Fortec-UltraTRAX-85BL_070118_288T_db_api(N) untill issues are resolved. Yes it will get you your dishnet and Bell back but @ your own risk. Just a head's up.

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