Broadcom IP HD STB reference design certified for MoCA 2

Michelle Clancy | 06-12-2013

Broadcom's reference design for its IP HD set-top box (STB) platform has been certified for the MoCA 2.0 specification from the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA). MoCA 2.0 is the next generation in home connectivity for multimedia over coax, which effectively doubles achievable data rates and facilitates additional high definition streams throughout the home.

More specifically, Broadcom's BCM97428GN reference design now carries the MoCA 2.0 Golden Node (GN) Certification. By integrating MoCA 2.0 directly into its set-top box system-on-a chip (SoC) offerings, the standard will be ported to its portfolio of 21 HD STB and IP gateway solutions.

"Broadcom's Golden Node certification is both a demonstration of its continued leadership in MoCA technology and a commitment to next-generation benefits and features," said MoCA president Charles Cerino. "This is a key step toward certification of MoCA 2.0 products."

Broadcom Golden Nodes for MoCA 1.1 Band D, and MoCA 1.1 Band E are also part of the official MoCA test beds and the BCM97428GN is now a Golden Node in the newly developed test bed for MoCA 2.0.

MoCA 2.0 also supports an improved packet error rate, enabling higher Quality of Service (QoS) levels for operators and the effective utilisation of higher numbers of tuner/demodulators integrated into next-generation STB and gateway devices. MoCA 2.0 provides complete interoperability with MoCA 1.0 and 1.1 while also providing full performance with MoCA 2.0 nodes.

"MoCA 2.0 Golden Node certification demonstrates Broadcom's leadership in next-generation MoCA technology and enables a fast path for product certification for all Broadcom MoCA 2.0-enabled devices," said John Gleiter, Broadcom vice president of STB marketing. "Broadcom's current portfolio of 21 MoCA 2.0-enabled devices will allow manufacturers to rapidly design and deploy next-generation performance and feature-optimised products for the next generation entertainment networks in the connected home."