NetRange creates white label mobile app for NetMovies

Michelle Clancy | 06-12-2013

NetRange, the global leader in white label smart TV portal solutions, has entered into a contract to develop and deliver a smart TV app for NetMovies, the leading Brazilian video-on-demand (VOD) service.

Movies, television series and shows such as concerts and children's programming will all be available for viewing in Portuguese. NetMovies subscribers will be able to log into their account to purchase content that will then be available for viewing through the NetMovies app.

"There is a worldwide trend in video-on-demand services occurring right now. We have noticed that providers of VOD services in countries around the globe are rushing to create smart TV applications to expand access for their customers," said NetRange CEO Jan Wendt. "NetRange has developed a huge amount of smart TV apps for VOD companies this year in countries ranging from Italy to Brazil. There is a growing demand in the VOD industry for apps and we are excited to be a leading developer."