Uruguay's pay-TV reaches 54% of homes

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 08-12-2013

Pay-TV added 28,600 new subscriptions in Uruguay during the first half of 2013, reaching nearly 54% of homes, according to the latest report from Ursec, the country's telecom regulator.

Thus, from January to June, Uruguay's pay-TV showed 4.84% growth, but despite the increase, the market is still very fragmented. Most of the 620,000 subscriptions are concentrated in the capital Montevideo area (47%), with the rest of the areas sharing small pieces of the market.

According to a report of Convergencia Research, in Montevideo there is a potential market of 100,000 additional customers. Most of them would be in the capital's surroundings, where Clarín's Cablevisión and DirecTV are mostly operating.

DirecTV is the company showing greatest growth, adding over 20,000 subscriptions and topping the figures with Cablevisión (both with a 17% market share).

But the rest of the market is dominated by three big national media groups which don't really interfere with each other, causing a lack of competition which has been pointed out by several reports. The most significant sign is, probably, that 32% of the market is composed of small and local companies that individually operate in their areas.