Content discovery set to become critical in online video, VOD

Michelle Clancy | 09-12-2013

Defined as recommendation engines for multiple platforms and devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, multiscreen content discovery engines are poised to skyrocket in their proliferation.

According to Global Industry Analysts, trends driving its adoption include its ability to drive traffic to a particular site, offer relevant content to the user, engage and convert shoppers to loyal customers, increase average value of an order and reduce overheads and workload.

"As content repositories increase in size, with Web content doubling at astounding speeds, discovering relevant information in a time efficient manner is gaining critical importance, making content discovery and recommendation engine an indispensable tool for content publishers," the firm said.

Content discovery platforms are especially growing in importance in the broadcast industry with trends such as video-on-demand (VOD), connected TVs, social TV and smart TVs enhancing the need for user engagement. Also, increasing use of tablets and smartphones as companion devices for interacting with content is also exerting increased pressure on broadcasters to replicate viewer experiences achieved in traditional big screens on portable screens.

Growing competition is necessitating broadcasters to provide competitively differentiated immersive TV experiences by delivering personalised interactive services, thus resulting in increased adoption of multiscreen content discovery engines, GIA noted.

"As the line between traditional and Web content delivery blurs, multiplatform TV recommendations engines are growing in popularity to provide viewers with real-time intelligent navigation/search, and content recommendations based on subscriber viewing patterns," it said.

The firm also found that as m-commerce balloons as a worldwide industry, the new era of discovery commerce is emerging to present strong market opportunities for content discovery engines. As online retailers compete to engage consumers, content target marketing strategy is gaining in importance to ensure easy discovery of brands and products. Growth in the market in the coming years is also expected from the finance and insurance sector, as companies increasingly utilise content discovery platforms for recommending investment options and plans to users.