Bluehawk 1540 plots rebranding and revamped Web presence

Michelle Clancy | 09-12-2013

Bluehawk 1540 Pictures, an Atlanta script production and scoring company for the motion picture industry, will be developing two interactive websites, new corporate identities, a 1:30 promotional trailer and a social media marketing campaign to generate interest and views of the completed trailer by summer of 2014.

The company has hired Smart Marketer for the large-scale interactive marketing project, which will surround an upcoming, unannounced film project that Bluehawk 1540 Pictures is developing.

"In my opinion the two most important elements to a great film are the story itself and the score," said Terric J Blair, CEO of Bluehawk. "Those two things combined together are what stick with you. They are the key to establishing an emotional connection with the viewer which is what makes for a great film that you will remember. We want to establish ourselves with the film and television industry in Atlanta, as the premier firm on the east coast for services related to script development and film scoring."

The company will continue to produce film scores and movie script services to its customers while undergoing an official rebranding and launch of both its script development and musical scoring divisions that are scheduled to begin in December 2013.