GlobeNet completes submarine cable for Colombia's IPTV, broadband

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09-12-2013

GlobeNet has announced the completion of a new submarine connection between Colombia and the US which will be used to strengthen the country's IPTV and broadband services. The cable links the Caribbean coast with Miami, and will be operated by Colombia's UNE EPM.

The cable submarine extension was awarded to Alcatel-Lucent and employs the company's Light Manager 1620 equipment, which allows transmission rates of 100Gbps. The infrastructure also enables connection between Colombia and Brazil and complements GlobeNet's international service for Colombia.

The cable is 23,500km long and connects the US, Bermuda, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

A new cable station has also been built in Barranquilla, to which the country's terrestrial operators also have access.

"The project allows UNE to reach its growing projections regarding broadband, IPTV and 4G/LTE, with high quality standards," commented Marc Eirchmann, UNE's president.

"We are focused on Latin America and we are committed to supporting the communications growth in Colombia, which is why we have this strategic agreement with UNE," said Erik W Contag, GlobeNet's president.

"The region is growing so fast that high capacity networks are in great demand," added Philippe Dumont, submarine networks president at Alcatel-Lucent.