Valencia's TV to be replaced by TVE, despite private interest

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09-12-2013

Several audiovisual and telesales companies have shown interest in buying Televisión Valencia's channel space, according to the president of the regional government, Alberto Fabra, however, the final choice seems to be a collaboration with the national public channel TVE.

Since Nou and Nou 24, the two regional channels, closed down two weeks ago, Valencia's Government has been studying various options. According to Europa Press, the first was to wait until the private sector came up with a solution, probably driven by local channels and producers.

Another was to subsidise private channels to use the space as a public service for the region. A third option was to establish the Catalan channel TV3 in the region, a long-awaited move for the channel.

The fourth, and seemingly only realistic, model for Valencia's Government would be to accelerate the TVE disconnection programme.

TVE's regional broadcasting centre currently has only limited staff numbers. Any increases in headcount would have to be funded by the currently cash-strapped regional government, which is why an agreement has not been reached yet.