FTV apps embedded on Sony TVs

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 09-12-2013

The apps francetv pluzz, francetv info and Zouzous are now available on Sony connected TV sets, allowing viewers to watch, re-watch or share content from the French PSB group France Télévisions.

Francetv pluzz is the catch-up app that makes available most of the programmes from France Télévisions' national, regional and overseas channels on a seven-day basis.

A total of 1,000 pieces of content are available. Shows can also be classified according to various criteria such as the most recent or the most viewed.

Dedicated to preschoolers aged three to six, the Zouzous app allows children to watch Zouzous TV from 7am to 9pm and to replay the adventures of their favourite heroes.

The news app francetv info allows connected viewers to receive all-day news through a selection of tools such as video, real-time, pictures and news edition.

Sony claims that the arrival of France Télévisions' new apps on its 2012-2013 connected tv set models strengthens its replay offer that now comprises 13 TV channels.