Comigo Plus enriches end user experience for ex-pat Russian TV

Editor | 09-12-2013

Multiscreen platform provider Comigo has expanded its partnership with IPTV service provider KartinaTV which delivers Russian-language television to Russian speakers outside of the country.

Comigo technology is designed to enhance the TV experience by uniquely extending viewing across all types of handheld devices, with so-called ‘revolutionary’ personal viewing experience and social interactive capabilities.

Under the expanded collaboration, the fastest second purchase order by KartinaTV, Comigo will provide its new generation set-top-box which includes a fast set up process, a new channel display and what are called unique catch up features which enable viewers to watch content from the last two weeks and to watch the show from the exact point they stopped watching it. The product will also include a new easy-to-use remote control.

“We are delighted to continue working with Comigo. Its unique TV solution ensures our customers get the personalised viewer experience they’ve always wanted, and we are excited to improve the customer experience even further with an abundance of new capabilities this new product will bring,” explained Alexander Cofman, Head of Client Products and R&D, KartinaTV. “Our strategic partnership will help us to retain our Russian language audience in Germany, expand to the US market and win even more customers across the world.”

“Our solution has a very intuitive and simple user interface delivering television, access to Internet and is a fully functioning social platform,” added Joseph Deutsch, VP Sales, Comigo. “We are pleased that KartinaTV has chosen Comigo’s solution to provide their viewers a superb TV experience. Together we will launch new services and deliver additional new features and capabilities enabled by our platform.”