Loft London, Zodiak Rights mull post-production facility deal

Editor | 09-12-2013

The international division of Zodiak Media, Zodiak Rights, has entered into exclusive talks surrounding its post-production facility with global independent digital media hub Loft London.

The most likely scenario would see Loft awarded a five year contract encompassing not only post-production but also content management and content distribution and would also see Loft take over the London facility.

The negotiations follow an agreement made earlier this year for Loft to supply disaster recovery, business continuity and QC services to Zodiak. The new agreement would extend these services to encompass all aspects of content processing distribution needs and would enable Zodiak to take advantage of Loft’s workflow, its system and Loft’s state of the art facility. Loft has also introduced a file based QC and approval for all Zodiak Rights content in addition to supplying a bi-location disaster recovery solution for its entire content library; both on active disk and LTO architecture.

“As the Zodiak Rights business continues to grow so do our post production requirements,” commented Sara Wookey, COO of Zodiak Rights. “This potential agreement promises to be a strategic alliance which will allow us to manage this increased workload whilst taking advantage of Loft London’s expertise and state of the art facilities. We have worked closely with Loft since earlier in this year and have been extremely impressed by the Company. We feel strongly that a partnership with Loft offers a great opportunity for the Zodiak Rights business.”

Added Loft London CEO David Barrett: “This will be Loft London’s first alliance in its seven year history and is a key milestone for the business that has grown to be one of the most innovative and agile content management facilities in the industry. We have worked closely with senior management at Zodiak Rights to ensure that the fit is right for their business and look forward to working with them going forward to provide all of their content management and distribution needs. This is an exciting chapter for all those involved.”