i have some questions:

1. when i use newcs and mgcamd on server and mgcamd on the client. do i have to sett the port on dreamboxes as the port i have in the tcp port in the newcs file under tcp port or the newcamd port ? default on dreambox is set to port 80

2. this is more complicated question: if i have to different networks say one dreambox with ip (server dreambox with newcs) on a router with ip and one other dreambox with ip on a router with ip, how can i make them work together, what should be in the field nameserver ? or should both routers have same ip (same gateway), the reason am asking is that, in the newcamd.conf u have a cws line with just the dreambox servers ip, but how should that client know that the dreambox server is not on the same network, but its connnected to one other router with different ip. i hope my questions are clear, if not correct me or ask me if some info is missing.