VMedia launches la carte TV packages in Canada

Michelle Clancy | 11-12-2013

la carte TV is making it to market in Canada with the Toronto-based IPTV provider VMedia launching what it calls 'pick a pack' TV subscriptions with individual consumer choice over channel options. It's online UChoose Store offers 60 available channels as standalones, with more than 40 that can be selected as part of an ' la carte' personalised channel package.

VMedia is a licensed broadcasting distribution undertaking and Internet service provider serving consumers in Ontario (and offering Internet services in Quebec).

"Canadians are entitled to pay only for those channels they want to watch," said George Burger, a director of VMedia. "Combined with the exceptional value of our premium basic and basic packages, the UChoose Store is a great solution for subscribers who want to customise their entertainment options, and save money at the same time."

Most standalone channels in the UChoose Store are $2.25 per month each; for those channels that are available in 'pick a packs', the cost can be $1.50 per channel.

"We have put virtually all the channels that our agreements with the networks allow into the UChoose Store," said Burger, "which is over half of VMedia's specialty channel line-up." Those include Showcase, History, Food Network, FX/Canada, Slice, MTV2 and NHL Network.

"The development of the UChoose Store platform involved many months of hard work," added Alexei Tchernobrivets, VMedia CEO. "New opportunities to further improve the technology kept coming up and we couldn't resist implementing them. We are very happy with the result, and we hope our subscribers will be too."