Dori Media racks up orders for the Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe game show

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 11-12-2013

Dori Media Group has added 200 more episodes of the street game show, Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe, which will be aired in Argentina following a significant 20% increase in ratings during the show's average time slot since its launch.

The game show's success has also been repeated on Canal Cuatro in Spain, where more than 300 episodes have so far been broadcast and ratings have doubled in its time slot. Production has also been extended in Uruguay to 2014 following a 13.8% increase in Channel 10's audience share since Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe went on air.

Band TV is working on a pilot, City TV Colombia has produced 26 episodes and RTP Portugal has been broadcasting the show weekly since August with an average share of 14.1%, equivalent to a 22% increase in the average share of the channel and a 15% increase in average share of the slot. Teleamazonas in Ecuador has also acquired 66 episodes, which are in pre-production.

Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe, created by Oded Menashe, an Israeli formats creator and host, forces contestants to ask random members of the public to answer questions on their behalf. The show has been highly popular in Argentina, where it started out as a segment of an already existing show, and helped increase the Argentinean Network's ratings by 30%. The show has been sold to more than 30 countries over the past 18 months.

"We are delighted with the success of Smart Face – Lo Sabe, No Lo Sabe, which highlights how successful Dori Media's efforts have been to broaden our catalogue into exciting new genres," said Nadav Palti, president and CEO of Dori Media Group. "We are expecting to announce a number of international sales for the game show format on top of a commitment made by major players in Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Russia and CIS and Sweden."

Menashe added: "It is very exciting to see early signs of Smart Face becoming a major hit. The game show's success lies in its simplicity, and its concept is unique. I am confident that my vision for the show will be realised as more and more countries capitalise on its flexibility."