Canal+ Group begins Frog By Wyplay tests

December 11, 2013 09.40 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Canal+ Group is in advanced deployment testing using a new software solution co-developed with Wyplay based on the Frog By Wyplay service.

Frog, the first independent Open Source solution targeted for television operators, allowed Canal+ to develop a high performance graphical user-interface in HTML5, create partnerships with third-party software solution suppliers, and build applications and interactivity on set-top box decoders and mobiles devices.

“We are delighted with the co-development results with Canal+’s teams” said Wyplay CEO Jacques Bourgninaud. “Frog By Wyplay addresses operator’s needs to control their next generation technologies and innovation capabilities while remaining vendor independent.”

“We have co-developed with Wyplay a software solution in less than 12 months that modernises and increases the performance of our multi-million connected set-top box park as well as providing new services and a richer user experience for our clients” added Frédéric Vincent, technical and system information director at Canal+.

“We are also thrilled to be the first pay-TV operator to benefit from this innovative solution and the rich functionality provided by Frog by Wyplay.

Wyplay, a Canal+ Group partner since late 2012, has been updating Canal+’s set-top box park and providing new product and service technologies. The latest co-development project deployment is part of the original contract agreement.

Frog By Wyplay will be officially launched at the CES Las Vegas tradeshow in January 2014.