Visiware launches Sync2Ad

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 11-12-2013

Visiware has announced the launch of Sync2Ad, a second-screen ad platform that enriches the TV spot with synced content on smartphones and tablets. Patent pending, the new platform will launch in December in the USA with a major TV sports network, and in France in Q1 2014.

Sync2Ad synchronises TV commercials with a multimedia experience delivered instantaneously on smartphones and tablets. The advertiser can thus produce more effective commercials that enhance the brand and directly measure the ad's impact.

"The smartphone or tablet reacts immediately when a commercial is aired on television or radio, with no viewer/listener or network action needed. Sync2Ad can deliver a targeted ad, including: quizzes, casual games, coupons, promotional messages, etc, based on a viewer's location, demographics, device," explained Visiware.