Dutch correspondent freed in Yemen

Rebecca Hawkes | 12-12-2013

A Dutch television reporter and her partner who were taken hostage in Yemen six months ago have been released unharmed, according to the Dutch Government.

Judith Spiegel and Boudewijn Berendsen are in "good physical condition, extremely happy to have survived their ordeal unharmed and wish nothing more than to be reunited with their family," said the Foreign Ministry on 10 December 2013.

Spriegel, who works for Dutch national broadcaster NOS, was kidnapped with Berendsen in the Yemeni capital Sana'a on 8 June 2013. They were recently released close to the Dutch Embassy in Sana'a.

Speaking on 11 December prior to their flight home, Spiegel said they had probably been held by local tribes rather than al-Qaeda.

Spiegel told reporters they were well looked after by their abductors, adding: "We are very, very, very happy of course that finally this kidnap is over."