Foxxum delivers the Energy TV app to smart TVs

December 12, 2013 11.40 Europe/London By Robert Briel

NRJ_TVInternational radio group Energy has worked together with smart TV technology specialist Foxxum to deliver a new app to its smart TV portals.

The app is now available on the following internet enabled devices: Hisense, Medion, Triax, Xoro, Wisi and Vantage.

The integration of the Energy TV app within Foxxum’s smart TV portals breaks the boundaries between radio and television. Gone are the days when radio and music lovers could only tune into their favourite stations through traditional radio players.

The Energy TV app delivers to users a diverse range of international web radio stations that can be enjoyed through a smart TV. A total of 11 different station genres is offered including: the best of Rock, Pop, R&B and Dance. The app includes seven local German radio stations from areas such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Nürnberg and Stuttgart as well as providing 13 international radio stations to enjoy.

“With Smart TV Apps Energy will continue to reach our listeners on whatever device they are using as well as enhance our ways of broadcasting “, explains Caroline Grazé, Head of Internet & New Business International at Energy.

“Radio has always been in people’s homes, so it’s a natural progression to provide our service through new technologies. With the Foxxum software we can make sure to broadcast to as many people as possible in high quality and we are thrilled about the possibilities Foxxum now brings towards our international radio brand.”