UPC Cablecom to offer 500Mbps Internet

Jörn Krieger | 12-12-2013

Switzerland's largest cable company UPC Cablecom will launch a high speed Internet service with a data rate of 500Mbps on 16 December.

More than 150,000 households in 26 towns of the Bern region will be able to use Fiber Power 500. The monthly price is set at CHF199 (€163).

The high speed connection, which UPC Cablecom is providing through its fibre-optic network, will be rolled out to more regions in future.

The highest data rate has so far been 150Mbps. An expansion to several Gbps is easily possible, according to the Liberty Global subsidiary, if there's increasing customer demand.

UPC Cablecom announced the 500 Mbps service in May 2013. However, its competitor Swisscom has already topped the cable operator: Switzerland's national telco launched a 1Gbps service in November 2013.