Two-fifths of US viewers receive personalised recommendations

Joseph O'Halloran | 13-12-2013

Social media functionality is slowly but surely emerging in the TV arena according to research from Parks Associates.

In the company’s Consumer Analytics team’s latest industry round-up, it was revealed that as much as 41% of US broadband households receive personalised video viewing recommendations from at least one source, with over the top (OTT) online video services such as Netflix and Hulu being the most common.

“Consumers report high awareness of recommendation features from online video services, including 59% of Hulu Plus customers and 50% of Amazon Prime customers,” explained John Barrett, Director, Consumer Analytics, Parks Associates.

Yet Parks also noted that fewer viewers are aware of personalised recommendations from their pay-TV providers, a fact that it said was not surprising given that US pay-TV providers were only beginning to launch recommendation services. Barrett calculated that only 15% of AT&T U-verse and 14% of Cablevision subscribers reported receiving personalized recommendations, and that was the highest among operators.