Spain's TV advertising revenue grows 3.5%

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13-12-2013

Spain's advertising industry has seen a growth of 3.5% in TV ad revenue, according to preliminary figures published by El Confidencial, with Atresmedia and Mediaset behind most of this increase.

The free-to-air channels have invoiced 171.94 million during November, up 3.5% compared to November last year. Atresmedia, which has been topping audience figures over the last few months with Antena3 and laSexta, has increased ad income by 6.5%, invoicing over 71 million in one month. Mediaset has also seen growth (2%) and has billed more than its competitor, with 77.5 million.

Recently, several signs have pointed to a recovery in Spain's advertising industry, which has been going through a difficult period since the financial crisis started in 2008. October was the first month of the year to see growth, but still figures were not strong enough to signify a recovery; the global numbers in 2013 show a general drop of over 7%.

The preliminary figures also seem to point to an increasing inequality between the large audiovisual groups and the smaller ones. Atresmedia and Mediaset represent 90% of the invoicing while the regional channels have fallen 3.6% with respect to November 2012, turning over 9.3 million.